Who are we?

The project was conceived as a private venture but such was the interest shown by enthusiastic and skilled friends that the goal posts were moved: The effort involved in the design and prototyping warranted more than a single aircraft.


We intend to make five "beta" versions of the kit available for delivery after the flight test program has been completed early next year.

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The Design brief.

The  brief was to produce a full-scale replica of the Supermarine Spitfire.

The following formed the basis for the specifications:

Aircraft to be full-scale

Two place, dual controlConformity with LAA requirements to qualify as an LAA Project

Maximum all-up weight to be of the order of 1000Kg 

Aerobatic with load factors of the order of  at least +6 –3  

High power loading

Short field performance 

Ease and economy of maintenance  and operation

Folding wings; trailerable for home storage

Development as a kit aircraft.



Until a new project has a name it doesn’t seem to have an identity of its own. The long-held dream of building a Spitfire began to take on a substantive form in the year 2000 and so the name seemed to chose itself: The “Spitfire Type 2000” or “Spitfire 2K” for short !

There are many levels at which the Spitfire excites and inspires us. What is surprising is that there are so very many people around the world who are captivated by this aircraft and its story and make “pilgrimages” to airshows and museums. The purist is quite right to say that a replica can not be a Spitfire in the true sense but what we have set out to achieve is as close as we shall ever get to realising a life-long dream.

The Type 2K is a two seat, dual control aircraft. It is a very safe, strong aircraft that can be flown confidently and well by the average private pilot on an NPPL. Ease and economy of maintenance and the ability to tow it home were also high priorities. The wings fold to enable road transportation on a special trailer. The entire aircraft can be stored in a standard forty ft. shipping container: Hangerage costs are largely obviated!

It was an important aspect of the project brief to make this aircraft accessible to as many people as possible. For this reason we decided that we would develop a comprehensive kit in which the most labour intensive parts are moulded composite shells and skins which give the aircraft its outward appearance and character but carry no applied loads. The primary structures are mainly welded steel trusses which are light, extremely strong and will be supplied ready built.

The Spitfire 2K sets out to be more than the “echo” of the Spitfire. It is a modern, high performance aircraft with a sparkling performance very close to that of the Mk1a. Its construction creates a very strong, aerobatic aircraft that is economical to build, own and operate.